Curious to know more about IOI?

IOI is short for the International Ocean Institute, an international organization that was founded by Professor Elisabeth Mann Borgese in 1972. It has its headquarters in Malta and centres in 25 countries around the world, one of which is also in Malta – the IOI-Malta Operational Centre (IOI-MOC) responsible for IOI-Kids! IOI is also a non-governmental and non-profit organization. That is it does not belong to any government and all the money it makes, mainly from sponsors, is not for profit but only for providing services to the public.

So why does IOI exist?

IOI believes that all the resources of the oceans should be shared fairly amongst all people and that the oceans belong to everyone and that everyone has the duty to respect and protect the living (like fish) and non-living (like minerals and fossil fuels) resources in the sea.  Moreover the oceans are a heritage that also belongs to future generations, and we are therefore obliged to preserve the oceans and use their resources without endangering their state in the future.
The mission of IOI is to make sure that any development occurring in the oceans or along the coasts does not harm the marine environment, and that resources are used soundly.
The organization also works to reduce poverty, especially amongst communities living along the coasts of developing countries. It helps people involve themselves in work within their communities that is related to the marine environment, and by doing so these people can improve their lives.

How does IOI try to achieve all this?

It tries to do all this by educating, training and informing people about the marine environment in general, and on how to respect and protect it. It also carries out research about the sea, collects data and distributes it to everyone, especially to professional people whose work is connected to the sea so that they can carry out their duties in the safest and most proper way.
IOI helps governments and organizations to protect the oceans and their coasts and the welfare of people. It also provides guidance so that the international laws of the sea are respected by everyone.

IOI-KIDS Projects

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