Malta CMEMS Service Platform
Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service
An operational service to show how the ocean will be tomorrow ....
The Copernicus Marine Service in a nutshell

Structure of COPERNICUS program

The existing scheme of the Service has been under development since 2009 on the basis of a series of EU research projects (the MyOcean series) coordinated by Mercator Ocean and involving more than 60 partners, including the Physical Oceanography Research Group (ex Physical Oceanography Unit) of the University of Malta.

The Service is accessible by a sole gateway, a web portal. Compliant with main Inspire rules, users can search and browse, discover and visualize data. Users have to be registered online so as to gain access and download data.

While the Physical Oceanography Research Group contributes to the content of the COPERNICUS Marine Service, it also makes use of the CMEMS as an intermediate user especially to derive boundary conditions for its meteo-marine models, and for the delivery of added value products and services targeted to the local stakeholders and coastal users. The PO - Research Group also promotes uptake of data from CMEMS by local entities serving as a broker to improve the outreach and uptake by users, especially the less experienced users, with improvements, additions and upgrades of services and products, as well as to address their specific needs and facilitate application.

In particular, the M.Sc. course in Applied Oceanography offers dedicated sessions to empower students in the scientific and professional access and use of CMEMS data resources. The course is offered annually by the Department of Geosciences of the University of Malta, is run by the PO – Research Group with the coordination of Prof. Aldo Drago and the participation of international experts in operational oceanography.