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COURSE Co-Ordinator:
Prof. Aldo Drago
Head Physical Oceanography Group
Dept. of Geosciences, University of Malta

The Physical Oceanography Research Group (ex PO-Unit) of the University of Malta offers annually a one-year M.Sc. course in Applied Oceanography. It is held at the University of Malta and is open to both local and foreign students.

The course builds on the core principles of oceanography in coastal and open sea domains, with a focus on operational oceanography and the versatile and broad spectrum of disciplines and offshoot applications related to it. It covers the Scientific and Practical Baseline of Oceanography, Essentials of Operational Oceanography, Data Resources in Operational Oceanography, an Oceanography Boot Camp with field surveys and hands-on marine data analysis, Ocean Governance, and Applications and Services deriving from Operational Oceanography.

Special sessions in the course are dedicated to introduce and empower students on the access and use of data from the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS). A key target is to train students with the essential practical skills to visualize, process and analyse scientific data using professional software packages. Students are introduced to different types of met-ocean data available from CMEMS, and are trained with hands-on sessions to use such data to identify, understand, and quantify marine ecosystem processes and forcings, identifying their temporal and spatial evolutions, and extracting knowledge for assessments and management. CMEMS is presented as one of the six services delivered in the Copernicus programme, creating value by distributing regular and systematic core reference information on the state of the global oceans and the European regional seas. The service is designed to serve many public, commercial and scientific purposes including major EU policies, combating pollution, protection of marine species, maritime safety and routing, sustainable exploitation of ocean resources, marine energy resources, climate monitoring and hurricane forecasting. It also aims at increasing general public awareness by better informing European citizens about ocean-related issues.

The PO-Res. Grp. is a historical partner in the MyOcean series of projects that led to CMEMS, and is a champion user of CMEMS data as an intermediate user to downscale forecasts to the shelf and coastal scales. It also acts as the local broker to promote the uptake of CMEMS data by Maltese stakeholders. The M.Sc. course on Applied Oceanography is a showcase resource to empower future marine professionals with skills in operational oceanography and in the intelligent derivation of added value and knowledge from marine data for smart and innovative applications.

The M.Sc in Applied Oceanography is delivered over 3 semesters as a full-time day course, with the participation of an international faculty including high profile experts in operational oceanography. The main target of the course is to match the human resource needs in the evolving marine sector at local, European and global scales, providing professionals with wide ranging skills to exploit the outcomes of marine research and technology in favour of the competitiveness of the industry and service sectors.

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