Malta CMEMS Service Platform
Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service
An operational service to show how the ocean will be tomorrow ....
MyOCEAN – first steps leading to CMEMS

MyOcean network
The MyOcean network involved partners from all European maritime countries

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MyOcean is a series of three successive projects funded by the European Commission within the GMES Program (Seventh Framework Program). The first MyOcean project (2009–2012) set the first steps for defining and establishing a concerted and integrated pan-European capacity for ocean monitoring and forecasting. The overall cost of the project amounted to 60 million Euros with 33 million Euros financed by the European Commission.

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The second milestone "MyOcean2" (2012–2014) consolidated the Marine Core Service to the benefit of several specified areas of use: Maritime security, oil spill prevention, marine resources management, climate change, seasonal forecasting, coastal activities, ice sheet surveys, water quality and pollution. It came to an end on September 30 and led to the MyOcean Follow-On, from October 1, 2014, until March 31, 2015. This served to fine tune the pre-operational platform for what was to become the COPERNICUS Marine Environment Monitoring Service.

On November 11, 2014, the European Commission signed an agreement with the French privately owned non-profit company Mercator Ocean who was entrusted to set up and run the Copernicus Marine Service as of April 2015.