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CALYPSO South second progress meeting
17th April 2019 ~ Direzione Generale di ARPA Sicilia, via San Lorenzo 312/G, Palermo
Organised by Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente

17th April 2019
Full Group Committee meeting (all project partner representatives)
09:00 Welcome remarks by hosts
09:15 Introduction to the meeting and general update on the project
Prof. Aldo Drago, Project Leader, University of Malta
10:00 Technical reporting on project activities by partners
UNIPA (Dott. Giuseppe Ciraolo, CALYPSO South Sicilian Focal Point focusing on the Sicilian radars)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Technical reporting on project activities by partners (cont.)
UM, TM, UNICT, CNR-ISAO on the PORTO meteorological network and SarWapp
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Technical reporting on project activities by partners (cont.)
TM, CPD, ARPA, UNIPA on the plans for oil spill simulation exercises and stakeholder WG
14:00 Technical reporting on project activities by partners (cont.)
UM, UNIPA on the HF radar data enhancement
14:30 Planning the project dissemination activities
UM, UNIPA on the plans to synergise the project promotional activities by partners
15:30 Coffee break
Steering Committee meeting (Delegated SC members and WP leaders)
Chaired by Prof. Aldo Drago, CALYPSO South Project Leader
15:45 Project administrative matters and preparation of the next reporting and project claim of expenses
Review of project activities following the meeting deliveries;
Assessment of results, progress and problems encountered by WP;
CALYPSO info and publicity strategy;
Plan and commitments for next six months;
Review of management procedures for project implementation;
Other matters requiring the approval of the Steering Committee
17:15 Closure
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