Introducing sea gliders for monitoring
the marine environment in Malta

Versatile autonomous underwater vehicles carrying customised sensors are becoming a more affordable technological solution for smart observations of key parameters in the sea. A sea glider deployed recently around the Maltese Islands has demonstrated how adaptive monitoring strategies using remotely controlled unmanned devices provide cost effective methods to routinely collect basic marine data and measure the health of our coastal waters.

The Physical Oceanography Research Group is holding a half-day seminar that presents the sea glider experience in Malta to key stakeholders, and showcases how the new generation of sea gliders offers an innovative aid to observe and monitor the sea areas under local jurisdiction. With the participation of local scientists and two foreign experts, the seminar provides an avenue to brainstorm our way to the shaping of the operational marine observing system for the Maltese Islands.

Officers from the relevant local responsible entities and ministries, entrepreneurs in marine-related initiatives, marine scientists and students as well as other interested persons are invited to attend.

Location Dolmen Resort Hotel, Qawra
Date 7th July 2017
Time 08:45 - 12:30 followed by lunch
Fees Full rate - €40 per person
Student rate - €25 per person
Registration fee to be settled on the day.

Program can be downloaded from here.
For further details send an email to aldo.drago@um.edu.mt.

Registration deadline: 4th July 2017.